Welcome to Work Inspiration

This new work programme helps students become inspired about their future career.

Watch Work Inspiration in action

Watch a video of students in action on Work Inspiration programmes with Toyota and Westpac (2.45 mins).

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What is Work Inspiration?

Work Inspiration helps create inspiring work experiences for secondary students, and improves transitions from compulsory education to work or further training. Recently piloted by Grow Wellington, Toyota and Westpac, Work Inspiration is making a difference for students, employers and the community.

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What are the benefits of Work Inspiration?

  • Gives employers an opportunity to engage with local students and help develop their future workforce.
  • Helps schools encourage young people to think about their future careers and gain insights into the world of work.
  • Helps community groups to raise their profile in the community and improve their connection with young people.

How can you inspire career journeys?

If you are a school, employer, community group, or you’re interested in sponsoring Work Inspiration, get in touch by calling 0800 222 733 or emailing inspiration@careers.govt.nz

The potential is huge – every student would benefit. I want to see it rolled out in more schools, with more students and more businesses.


I never knew what work life was like. It was a great experience seeing how people work and the skills they use.


When the students presented to us we wrote down 50 percent of the suggestions they were making – they were really good ideas. It showed they understood us and where we were going and where they fit into this future as well. From our perspective the community story is valuable and one we are proud of, but we also grow as a business with the good ideas.