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Work Inspiration attracts talent to your business, showcases career pathways and raises your business profile.

Work Inspiration is an employer-led work exploration programme providing value for your business every step of the way:

Work Inspiration establishing connections


Your value:

  • promote your business and industry to students, parents and schools face-to-face
  • raise the profile of your business as an employer of choice for young people within your community
  • involve the wider community through industry publications and local media.
Work Inspiration mentoring young people

During the programme

Your value:

  • showcase the roles and opportunities in your business and industry to the future workforce 
  • gain new business ideas by tapping into the perspective of digital natives
  • grow the confidence and knowledge of young people
  • boost staff morale by giving your employees the chance to share their expertise and own career journey with young people
  • broaden your reach via social media channels.
Work Inspiration attracting talent


Your value:

  • attract future talent to your industry
  • showcase roles and pathways within your business and industry
  • establish enduring relationships with schools
  • students will continue to talk about your business and Work Inspiration with their peers, teachers, whānau, 'āiga, parents and families.

We'd love to talk to you about how Work Inspiration can add value to your business and inspire students about the world of work.

Watch Work Inspiration in action

Watch a video of students in action on Work Inspiration programmes with Toyota and Westpac (2.45 mins).

International research shows young people who experience just four or more interactions with employers while at school are five times less likely to be unemployed.