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The Programme Westpac


What is Work Inspiration?

Work Inspiration is tailored to suit your work environment and industry. You’ll have a small group of students spending around three days in your workplace, experiencing the roles and career pathways you have to offer. It will be exciting, hands-on, fun and inspiring for everyone.

The Tertiary Education Commission will support you to develop and deliver the programme.

How does it work?

We give you an employers’ toolkit including a how-to guide and student workbook templates to help you manage your Work Inspiration programme. 

Find out all the details in our information booklet:

 What do employers do?

  • Deliver the programme for students at your workplace 
  • Ensure the programme highlights what you want students to see in your industry 
  • Champion Work Inspiration with your staff 
  • Adapt resources for your purposes, including adding your branding 
  • Set up the programme and delegate tasks to staff 
  • Select student tasks and projects 
  • Evaluate the programme and review with the Tertiary Education Commission.

What does the Tertiary Education Commission do?

  • Brokers relationship with schools and supports student selection 
  • Works with you to develop and deliver your programme 
  • Explains your roles and responsibilities 
  • Undertakes evaluation and quality assurance 
  • Supplies programme resources for you to print 
  • Discusses health and safety with you 
  • Provides a professional development workshop for your staff.

Programme stages

There are three Work Inspiration Insights:

  1. All about me
    Kick off by building rapport and trust with students through a personality quiz and conversations that showcase their talents, passion and interests.
  2. Look behind the scenes 
    This is about making students aware of the wider opportunities available in your industry. The personality profile enables you to match student personality profiles with roles in your business.
  3. Careers happen
    Students interview employees and create a career board – a visual representation of that staff member’s journey. This insight illustrates the way careers unfold. It also teaches students the value of being resilient and adaptable in navigating a successful career in the changing world of work.

The Work Inspiration workbooks

Filling out a workbook with a buddy helps encourage self-awareness and gives the students an understanding of their strengths.

Real-life tasks and teamwork

Find real-life tasks that get students to think about your business priorities, whether that be good customer service or hands-on activities. Hands-on activities bring your workplace to life for the students.

Student-led projects and presentations

Assign the students a project they can really own and be proud of completing. This is then presented at the closing celebration event. For example:

Setting the scene 

Before the programme starts, you will run a ‘Setting the Scene’ session at your business or the school, where you’ll talk with students, their whānau, 'āiga, parents and school staff about your business and the programme.

The celebration ceremony

You will also run a post-programme celebration event that will include students, their whānau, 'āiga, parents, school staff and your staff. Employees and students receive certificates and exchange their highlights and learnings over the last few days.

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How does Work Inspiration benefit schools and students?

Schools told us they noticed: 

Students commented that they:

How is Work Inspiration different from other types of work experience?

Work Inspiration complements other programmes like STAR and Gateway, which help to improve outcomes for students. However, Work Inspiration is unique in that it provides students with a genuine connection to the working world – inspiring and motivating them through career conversations and active engagement with employers and employees.

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All of the students gained a passion for our business, understood the depth of various roles – including non-customer-facing positions that they would never have considered prior to the programme – and now find themselves considering our industry as a serious career choice.